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  • COVID Precautions at Uplift

    We recognize that we are all part of a larger community of organizations and individuals taking immediate, necessary steps to keep ourselves and others around us healthy. While social distancing may be part of our new normal, staying active and connected remain more important than ever. It is vital to have a safe place to boost our immune systems, as well as our mental and physical health through exercise. That’s why we have made physical changes to our gym and are re-working every member’s workout program. Following are just some of the steps that we have taken to make sure we are ready for your safe return. Please read them carefully. Attendance for sessions is capped at 50% ....

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  • Finding Balance for Myself

    It is my intention to take better care of myself. As a fitness professional who is committed to helping others improve their lives through better health, I do not always do a stellar job of putting my own health at the top of my list of priorities. Almost every single day, I struggle to keep my own health needs in check, because it feels completely overwhelming to consider the list of things I would have to push aside to accomplish my goals of getting a healthy lunch and a workout in. Over the past 4 months, I’ve recommitted myself to exercising 5 days/week (which, I am aware, is a huge, and perhaps unrealistic, goal for many people). I’ve done this by starting and completing ....

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  • Why Starting Slowly May Be Your Ticket to Lasting Fitness Results

    Why Starting Slowly May Be Your Ticket to Lasting Fitness Results

    Many of us fantasize aboutgoing"cold turkey" into a healthy lifestyle. We imagine waking up to do cardio every morning at 6:30am, we see ourselvesg uzzlinggreen juice, detox drinks, and wheatgrass shots, and we envision how we will finally be______________ (fill it in). At the same time, we often have many external pressures that are constantly pulling us in different directions and notleaving much time for self-care. For most people, starting a healthy routine gradually is the only way to ensure that it will stick long-term. If we dive head first into a 7-day cleanse where only cauliflower, lemon juice, and hot sauce are on the menu after being off the wagon for 3+ years, we ....

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  • Personal Training and Group Fitness in Washington D.C.!

    Check out our new website for Uplift Strength & Spirit!
    We proudly serve the Washington D.C. and Arlington areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal Training, Group Fitness programs and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram ....

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    We start and end each yoga class at Uplift Strength & Spirit with essential oils. A quick dab to the wrist of eucalyptus, sweet orange, or grapefruit before opening meditation and then a luxurious spritz of rose once everyone is situated for savasana. The smell itself is pleasant enough to merit our habitual application of these oils, but their benefits extend much further. These varied scents have the power to increase energy levels and deepen relaxation. Often touted as “new age-y” by skeptics who do not realize the practice goes back thousands of years, essential oils are having a resurgence in use, appreciation and fortunately, published research on their rich physical, ....

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    This smoothie can be used post workout to replenish the body, as a snack or even as a meal replacement if you have a busy schedule.

    1 scoop of chocolate protein. We recommend J Robbs chocolate whey protein because it's delicious, super concentrated and delivers only 1 gram of carbohydrate per 30 gram serving.
    1/2 cup oatmeal
    2 cups nonfat milk or water
    (optional handful of spinach for those looking to add some greens)
    (optional berries)
    a few shakes of cinnamon
    How To

    Add all ingredients to blender
    Enjoy the chocolatey goodness and refreshing chill! Let us know what you think at @upliftstrength!

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    Surya Namaskar translates from Sanskrit to something along the lines of "adoring" or "bowing to" the Sun. Now these sequences of postures meant to invigorate the body and spiritual heart are commonly called Sun Salutations. When practiced quickly, they are very warming and excellently prepare the body for further yoga or physical practices. When practiced slowly, the postures bring a meditative presence to the body and mind. The steps are simple and intentional, beginning and ending with the palms at heart center to signal adoration and appreciation for the sun, the divine light that exists within all of us. Breathing is very important to this practice. As you flow, try to match the ....

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    Nutrition requires a little extra assistance when you lead a busy life. It is perfectly normal to get overwhelmed when trying to make every meal a healthy meal. So, let me simplify it and give you the tools to make it a bit easier. In this nutrition workshop, I will help broaden your understanding of nutrition while also presenting simple strategies to immediately add to your daily routine.
    Where: 1232 M St NW, Washington, DC 20005

    When: 2-4pm on Saturday, August 20, 2016
    You will learn:
    Straight-forward and simple nutrition guidelines to follow
    How to determine what your body type is
    How to portion macronutrients (you'll learn what those are too) and how to eat for your body ....

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