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Nancy Townsend

Nancy has always been active - she started playing sports at a young age and excelled as a coxswain on her high school and college crew teams. In 2004, she began practicing yoga and after years of practice, completed her 200-hour teacher training. During that span of time, she realized her career as a freelance web designer was not fulfilling her and she returned to athletics, studying to get her personal training certification.

She has trained with Mark Rippetoe, Mike Boyle, and Martin Rooney, among others, and studied John Berardi's Precision Nutrition. She has completed Paul McIlroy's Amazing 12 certification, which has redefined her understanding of how to make unbelievable changes in physique and strength in a short time period (12 weeks). Most recently, she has been certified in the Functional Movement Screen. She is constantly learning and growing her skills as a trainer and looking forward to helping as many people as she can to create lasting change.

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