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  • I worked out with Nancy doing the Amazing 12 program and had great results. She has excellent knowledge of strength and cardio training. She took the time to develop a personalized program including diet that worked for my current level of fitness. Definitely one of the best trainers in DC.

  • Nancy has been my personal trainer for several years, which should indicate what I think of her. She is very knowledgeable about her craft, both cardio and weights. One of the best things about her is that she really works closely with what a client can do. When I started working out I had certain joints that were an issue and I (and an orthopaedic surgeon) had concerned I could injure them exercising. Over the course of several months, Nancy worked on the mobility and strength of those joints and the issue basically went away. With all of this, she's a nice and caring person and that really comes out in how she treats those she works with (or at least me).

  • I've worked with a few trainers over the last few years and none measure up to Nancy. She is amazing at what she does and I've seen great weight loss results. Nancy is understanding and sweet but will also keep you on track and accountable--a difficult balance! If you have a chance to work with her, take it. Thank you, Nancy!

  • When I first started working with Nancy I was completely new to weightlifting, but she made it seem approachable, and in my time working with her, I have seen my strength and technique continually improve. Nancy is extremely knowledgeable, personal, and motivating - and overall an amazing trainer!

  • My focus is on strength training and powerlifting. I'm 63 and wanted to find out how strong someone my age could become. I thought a trainer would help me achieve these ambitious goals - and keep me safe and injury free. It worked! I was fortunate to select Nancy Townsend and she has been an awesome trainer! I highly recommend - and have recommended - her services. She is smart, attentive, and focused on her client's goals. We've achieved all my progress milestones without any injury. During the year we've been training, I have been highly impressed by her continuous investment in learning more in order to become a better trainer. People ask me if an investment in a personal trainer is worth it, and based on my great experience with Nancy, I always respond with a resounding "yes"!

  • I contacted Nancy because I lacked the motivation to work out on my own. I was looking to jump start my enthusiasm with a helping hand but not a drill sergeant. She was the perfect choice. She was helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging at each of our sessions. She was also prompt, professional, and courteous. All in all, I got what I was looking for and walked away as a happy and satisfied customer. I highly recommend her personal training services.

  • I highly recommend her. I have a weak arm. She has adjusted the yoga lessons to fit my ability. I have been working with her for 9 months She is constantly adjust and changing the yoga lessons. She is extremely professional and reliable.

  • Nancy is a constant learner and brings that procured knowledge to customize a plan for her clients. She knows how to push and motivate you, but without making you feel like your effort isn't enough. She's focused on helping you to grow strength and she's also extremely adaptable. When I told Nancy I was pregnant, she went out of her way to learn exercises appropriate for a pregnant woman and a post-baby body. She's just so thoughtful and really engaged around allowing you to be the best version of you that you can be. I can't say enough great things-- I've worked with trainers at various gyms, across multiple states and Nancy is the only one that's been a consistent choice for me. She's simply outstanding at what she does.

  • Nancy is a fantastic trainer! She is very responsive and easy to work with, incredibly personable and supportive, and extremely knowledgeable about all things strength, mobility, and yoga. She is a great teacher and has helped me consistently improve at weightlifting. I would highly recommend her to anyone with any fitness-related goals, regardless of age or prior experience.

  • Nancy has been my personal trainer for over 2 years and she is fantastic. She works with clients of varying fitness levels and ages. She makes a real point tailoring the workout to the client rather than trying to fit the client into a cookie cutter routine. She has made adjustments to the routine when injuries arose and that has meant I could stick to a workout routine which is a great accomplishment (for me and for Nancy 😏). Finally, she is good at varying the workout based upon my long and short term goals so that I stay motivated. I can't recommend her enough.

  • Nancy is awesome. I hired her last Christmas for 6 sessions for me and my mom to do together. Rather than be deterred by having two clients who have a 30+ year age gap working out in the hour time slot, Nancy took the challenge like a pro. She always modified/enhanced each exercise to our skill levels. She kicked our butts but also had the patience to explain the target areas for each movement and benefits. She is so knowledgeable, encouraging, and a pleasure to be around. Unfortunately, we aren't the only people who love Nancy, and we couldn't make our schedules work after 10 months of training - but if you can make find an open slot in Nancy's schedule take it!!!!!

  • Nancy is very reliable. She listens and responds to my concerns, and changes things up to keep interest. Love the mini-boxing part of the workout.



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