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Uplift Strength & Spirit

Yoga & Barbells: Radical When Used Together

At Uplift, we know what hard work is and truly understand the responsibility that we undertake in guiding your body's movements when you step into a class or session. If you're looking to live a healthier more fit lifestyle, look no further! We are a barbell club and yoga center, looking to improve your life through physical strength and mental awareness. Come check us out for yourself!

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Our Expert Team

Our expert trainers will teach you valuable lifestyle changes through self-empowerment, self-education, behavioral change and mindset shifts to push your own physical capacity.


Our Core Values

We believe anyone can get their dream body through corrective exercises and strength training. Our values are built on providing every client with excellent care and personal workout regimens, so you see quick and lasting results.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing innovative, relevant, sustainable and accessible fitness and nutrition programs that will empower and motivate you for life.


Personal Training

At Uplift Strength & Spirit, our Personal Training program provides you with tailored solutions to your fitness & health challenges. Our experienced trainers adjust your workouts to help you achieve your desired results effectively and efficiently.

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Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness classes will always challenge you, whether strength or yoga-based. At Uplift Strength & Spirit, we believe yoga and strength training compliment each other quite extraordinarily, so we use these two approaches to help balance work with recovery.

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Amazing 12

The Amazing 12 is a body transformation program designed by Paul McIlroy to create the biggest aesthetic and functional change possible in the shortest time frame through the manipulation of programming variables.

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Our Services

Our elite trainers offer a range of services to match your fitness goals

Assessments & Consultations in Washington DC - Uplift Strength & Spirit

Assessments & Consultations

We take pride in offering our clients a comfortable, non-intimidating, and friendly environment at all times.

Wellness & Stress Management in Washington DC - Uplift Strength & Spirit

Wellness & Stress Management

We believe that a healthy body is not complete without a healthy mind. We acknowledge the need for mental awareness and correct body movements, to ensure you remain stress-free, energetic, and focused throughout each day.

Resistance & Strength Training in Washington DC - Uplift Strength & Spirit

Resistance & Strength Training

Along with toning your muscles and building toned biceps and beautiful abs, Resistance Training will also protect your joints from injury, increase your bone density, help to build and maintain flexibility & balance, and help to burn off and keep off unwanted fat.

Nutrition & Weight Management in Washington DC - Uplift Strength & Spirit

Nutrition & Weight Management

We understand that nutrition is the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle. We provide you with tips on cooking, eating out, and grocery shopping, while also providing you with true accountability and motivation to ensure failure isn't an option.

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